“Sunrise” is the first New Age album by Pietro Pittari. It contains twelve autobiographical piano compositions about authentic happenings, fantastic dreams and real people.

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SUNRISE - cover


1. Birds
    Dreaming to fly within a swarm of birds…
2. Erster September
    The First of September – a quiet day in meditation
3. Makedonik
    Life in ancient Makedonia
4. Venezia
    I’ m walking in Venice towards the Conservatory
5. A new day
    A meditation about life
6. Im Wald
    Into magic and dark woods
7. Friends
    Dedicated to Dahlia and family
8. April
    Springtime is coming
9. Forever
    An unforgettable summer day
10. January
    Walking through the rain
11. Sofija
    Dedicated to my wife Sofija
12. Sunrise
    The sun goes up in the beautiful greek island Santorin
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